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And the winner(s) of this months Owner’s photo competition is Carolyn Hoffman, Massachusetts, USA 

We chose this shot, even though it is not “perfect” under a strictly technical point of view, because it captures one of those magical moments one can experience in countless piazzas of Tuscany’s hilltop town. 

This shot was captured in Piazza Della Repubblica in Cortona, just a short drive from Borgo di Vagli; there’s no better place then a piazza to enjoy a real cappuccino and some people watching – no worries, no dangers, a slower place of life, …just the lively and cheerful locals going about their business and tourists strolling up and down the main streets and piazzas.

Including this very proud little boy with his dog; look at the envious face of the second child sitting in the pram… Brava Carolyn; you’ve got a quick eye, indeed! 

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