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CNBC Winner: International Redevelopment Award


In April 2007, we were invited by CNBC’s award panel to present a portfolio for the rebirth of Borgo di Vagli; being a complex Restoration which took place over a very long period of time (10 years), Fulvio submitted to the Judges samples of the entire design and restoration process in Tuscany. The portfolio was then broken down into categories:

  • complete survey of the historical origin and development, through the centuries, of the buildings and their relation with the environmental site.
  • historical notes on the architectural standards  (analysis of all the most relevant features/characteristics : stone walls, windows and portals frames, stone-wooden-cotton tiles slabs ceilings, roofs, chimneys etc.).
  • complete analysis of the location of Borgo di Vagli, referred to the its own valley and adjacent ones : connections with the historical and current  roads and paths (the road leading to Borgo di Vagli follows a 1,000-year-old track).
  • proposed Project of the so called “sustainable change”, both on the architectural and environmental scale (floor plans-sections- façades)
  • samples of the surveyed buildings drawings; each of them was/is a perfect “drawn photo” showing exactly the state of the ruins before the starting of the works (a little work of art by itself).
  • complete analysis and design for the utilities sourcing and piping (spring water, electrical – telephone wiring [all underground], gas, satellite TV etc.)
  • complete analysis and design for the sustainable  impact on the environment of the sewage (including the biological treatments) system and wastes of the “new” village.
  • samples of the marketing and sales material, such as our brochure, owners information booklet, DVD footage and website.

Borgo di Vagli was nominated for the European redevelopment award. At the award ceremony Fulvio was presented as the winner and was further short listed for CNBC’s International Redevelopment Award which took place in Las Vegas.

Evidently the judges were impressed by the professional ethic and philosophical approach to our most respectful and authentic restoration and awarded Fulvio as the world’s best international redevelopment winner.


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