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David and Jo Hoeppner Waller, Texas, USA

The Italy bug bit us on our first trip in 2006 when we had an opportunity to spend 16 days exploring the country with our 2 kids in tow. Rome, Florence, and Venice—all were spectacular for us to explore, but upon returning to Texas it was always Tuscany that kept calling us back. The countryside near Orvieto, Montepulciano, Chianti…and all of the back roads in between…these are the places that kept calling us back. The hustle and bustle of the cities and the ancient sites were always exciting, but we were enchanted with the places that seemed to, in many ways, be a step back in time. The slow pace (we quickly learned to shift into piano, piano mode!), the family-centered atmosphere everywhere we went, the sometimes-incomprehensible history of the places we visited, and the absolute beauty and peace of Tuscany; these are the things we loved. Over the next 12 years, we were back to Italy again and again and it was obvious that this wasn’t a temporary passion.

Jo first read about the Borgo di Vagli in 2015 in an online blog written by an American living in Florence who had recently visited. Jo talked to David about it for approximately two years until he finally contacted Lee to get some information about this place she kept talking (pestering?) about. He then surprised her at Christmas with the news that their discovery visit just needed to be scheduled.

Fast-forward to June of this year. From the moment we arrived at the Borgo, we instantly felt at home. Every person we met, whether the outstanding Borgo staff or the other owners, was welcoming, willing to share their experiences, and answer our myriad of questions. From the delicacies that came out of Dina’s cucina, to the authentic period furnishings with modern amenities, to the views out the windows, and yes, even the road up to the Borgo, it didn’t take long before we both looked at each other and knew that we were “home.” The icing on the cake was, of course, the people. It was obvious that the Borgo owners and staff are like one big extended family. It’s hard to explain with words, but just the feelings that come with total contentment are what we experienced the entire week we were discovering the Borgo.

Borgo di Vagli is now our home away from home, and while it is a big investment, it was one that neither of us really had any misgivings or hesitation about whatsoever. Ownership in the Borgo is, simply, an investment in us. As a married couple of 33 years, parents to 3 adult children spread across the U.S. and one child still living at home, life has been busy to say the least for the last few years. The Borgo is now for us. We knew that the future would hold many return trips to Italy, and we now have a home in which to base ourselves. We now have friends and familiar faces that will greet us when we arrive, and we hope to be as welcoming to others in the future as everyone was for us. We look forward to introducing our children to our new home away from home, and hope to pass it on to them at the right time. We definitely look forward to getting to know everyone as we make our once or twice a year trips, but Jo is already wondering how long will it take us to decide to upgrade?

Dear David and Jo, we are all excited and looking forward to welcoming you back for Christmas (and the Children for their first visit), they’ll be a few familiar faces to help celebrate the Holidays. Brunello will to uncorked and airing in anticipation for your arrival!!!



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