Owner's Photo Competition


And the winner of this month’s Owner’s photo competition goes to David Kaplan, Pittsburgh, PA for his autumnal image.

In David’s own words.

The photo was taken on a short walk around the drive at Vagli. Susan and I wanted to stretch our legs after a brief shower in the afternoon on September 20. I love this shot because it captures the essence of the season. We are on the verge of autumn. The leaves are just beginning to lose their green color and the acorns are fully formed. I use a long focal length lens and a wide aperture to compress the depth of field. That allows the primary subject to stand out from the background.

Each month one high-resolution photo will be chosen and circulated electronically; from now on the winner will fittingly be presented with a copy of the renowned American photographer Leonard Freed’s photo book Io Amo L’Italia. Freed’s exhibition Io amo l’Italia was held during 2012 in Milan, Rome and Turin and well supported by both critics and the general public. Leonard Freed once referred to his relationship with Italy as a “love story”.



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