Meet Your Owner

Dear Owners, Members and Friends of Borgo di Vagli,
we hope to find you all in good health and spirit.

It has been a long time since our last newsletter… 2020 has been a transformative, challenging and unforgettable year changing everyone’s lives one way or another… One of the aspect of our lives that was heavily impacted was our freedom to travel... to experience, to discover new places or to return to your Home away from Home.

Here at BDV, we have missed our crowd of gracious and companiable friends: the warm hugs on arrival, the sincere pleasure of seeing each other again and the loud laughters coming from the Trattoria in the evening.

Though, we are now ready to experience all of this again! We are thrilled to see that slowly our countries are re-opening up their borders and easing the restrictions that for so long have been in place.
Officially from May 15th, Italy is able to welcome European travellers, including British citizens without the need of quarantine and is working to allow the same for US tourists from June 15th.

This is a clear sign that the global situation is improving thanks to the vaccination programs continuing at a fast pace, bringing a well needed breath of hope and optimism. Here at the Hamlet, we are pleased that both Dina and Fulvio as well as a couple of staff members, have already been vaccinated.
We are hopeful that soon our government will provide guidelines and opportunities for companies that wish to independently vaccinate their staff.

In the meantime, we have kept ourselves busy with maintenance works in around the buildings, deep cleaning of the residences and special projects that you will all discover soon… Nature, as always, did its course without caring about us but in its own beautiful way! All our bushes and shrubs are in bloom at the moment as well as an explosion of poppies and wild flowers, the birds are singing, wildboars are roaming with their newborn piglets and the hills are getting greener and greener every day.


Dina and Tiziana have too been using the long months of lockdown to create new recipes and re-visit old ones… the smell of the wood burning stove and the perfume of Dina’s tastiest dishes has been in the air for a while now.
Last week we all “volunteered” to experience some of their new creations in an inaugurational distanced lunch!



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