Dina's Recipe
VIENNETTA OR VAGLIETTA – “Ice Cream and Chocolate Log”

We could all agree that Tiziana’s dessert was the best! She created a lovely version of the…Vaglietta!! Some people call it Viennetta but not in Vagli! 


- 500ml of vegetable cream for desserts
- 280gr of condensed milk
- 150gr of dark chocolate
- chopped hazelnuts, cocoa powder to taste


- a loaf pan covered with cling film
- parchment paper
- a spatula
- electric whisk


1 Prepare a loaf pan by covering it with cling film. On a sheet of parchment paper, draw with a pencil the base of the loaf pan four times.
2 Melt the chocolate in a bain-marie. Once the chocolate has melted, pour it a little at a time on the four shapes drawn on the parchment paper, spreading it with a spatula to cover the entire strip. Put it to freeze in the freezer.
3 In the meantime put the fresh cream in a bowl and whip it with an electric whisk. When the cream is whipped, add the condensed milk and continue whisking until firm.
4 Now it’s time to assemble the log. In the loaf pan start layering the strips of chocolate and the cream. First put a strip of chocolate, then pour a thick layer of cream and continue until the cream is finished and the last strip of chocolate is at the top.
5 Put the log to freeze in the freezer for at least six hours. After this time, turn the mold on a tray and remove the log from the mold. Sprinkle with bitter cocoa and complete with sprinkles of cream and chopped hazelnuts.


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