Dear Owners, Members and Friends of Borgo di Vagli,
We hope to find you all well and in great spirit!

We can hardly believe to be yet again wrapping up another summer! But what a summer it has been… Finally, after a lot of initial uncertainty, we have been able to return to a much needed sense of normality, with numerous travelers from all over the world, or mostly.

Our charming hilltop towns and villages have livened up again with local festas, food markets and events of every kind, bringing back that lovely, warm atmosphere we enjoy so much.

At Borgo, we have cherished returning to busy evenings dining under the pergola, to our Monday night aperitivo and even busier Pizza nights, the noise of children playing in the pool, the sounds of summer!

Soon the temperatures will start to slowly change and the smell of fire will take over from that of lavender, but only to make space for another wonderful season… the season of olive picking, mushroom and chestnut hunting, long walks and hearty meals…

We are expecting to see a lot more Owners and Members in the next few months, those who haven’t been able to return to their Home away from home yet or are lucky enough to be on their second trip…

Either way, we are really looking forward to seeing you!



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