Tip of the Month

The view from Borgo di Vagli to Pierle Valley would not be the same without its impressive Rocca (Fort) dominating it and the small village gathered around its walls.

For many years, you may have all seen Rocca di Pierle almost abandoned to itself, as an eerie ruin covered with ivy and at a certain point even protected by a scaffolding to prevent it from falling down… finally you may be pleased to know that the Castle has new owners: Mr. Pazzaglia and his brothers.
The Pazzaglia family was one of the original heirs and in the past several months have worked on many restoration projects that have made the castle safe enough for visits and for hosting small events.
We have had the opportunity to meet Mr Pazzaglia who came to Borgo di Vagli and shared his enthusiasm about all the potential opportunities that can be offered in the future with such and incredible historical heritage site.

You may already know that since the 10th century the castle had a strategic function in the whole area. It was located at the intersection of many roads and during the 13th and 14th centuries it played a crucial role in the struggles between the Tuscan city of Cortona and the Umbrian city of Perugia.
The castle was partly demolished in 1576 by Grand Duke Francesco I De Medici to prevent highwaymen and enemies from seeking shelter in the building. It has been abandoned ever since, although its impressive walls measuring at over 700 feet (220 meters) in length, its towers, and massive inner keep remain visible from afar.

Considering that Borgo di Vagli originates as a guard tower to protect this impressive building from marauders entering the hills behind, we feel a special connection and share its new owner’s excitement. We hope to be able soon to accompany our Owners and Members in a private guided tour full of facts and information. It will be an incredible opportunity to deepen the connection with your Tuscan retreat.



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