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Gitten Hammerberg & Jens Kjeldsen-Kragh Copenhagen, Denmark


We came across Borgo di Vagli around 18 months ago when we were searching the Internet for timeshare properties in Italy. At that time, we didn’t know anything about Fractional Ownership, which seemed to be much more flexible than traditional timeshare.

The idea has matured, and finally, we decided to see the Hamlet for ourselves during a brief discovery visit late in March 2018. It was cold, there was snow on the top of the mountains, none of the other owners were staying in the Hamlet that week, and a lot of maintenance work was going on to prepare for the season. Thus, the conditions were not optimal for showing the best sides of the Hamlet. However, we were met with so much hospitality, and we felt so welcome.

We had dinner with Lee and Fulvio, and we tasted Dina’s lovely food. Lee took us on a wonderful two-hour hike where we passed the Shrine. We love Italy, the culture, the nature, the food, the climate, and the idea of returning to a place we know – a home every year. At the same time, we want to see a lot of other places around the World, and for this reason, 2-3 weeks a year is just a perfect solution for us.

We live in the North, in Denmark, and we have a rather short spring, summer and autumn, and we hope to extend the seasons in Borgo di Vagli so we can possibly have ‘two springs’ or a very long autumn.

There are 2 things we really like about Borgo di Vagli: the residences are comfortable and well-equipped but not extravagant, and the staff is so friendly and considerate. We like the idea of a community we own together, to have dinner in the restaurant and have a conversation with people from other parts of the World.

We are in our sixties and in the future can travel to Borgo di Vagli alone and sit at the long table in the restaurant and have a chat with someone, not feeling as alone as if sitting in a house or apartment we had bought outright.

The purchase of this fraction is a combination of an investment and a way of using money to give life quality instead of investing in stocks. Hence, it was very important for us that the Hamlet has no debt.

Finally, we liked the idea of not having some specific weeks every year as with timeshare. We look forward to seeing the Hamlet in all seasons, to seeing the colours shift during the seasons and to enjoy the hillsides with and without flowers.

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