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Jonathan and Veryan Nield, Marlborough, Wiltshire UK


A conversation during walk in a Wiltshire wood was our first introduction to Borgo di Vagli.  Very good friends had decided to invest purely on the enthusiasm generated from the visit to Vagli by mutual friends – ‘interesting ‘ we thought, and left it at that.  Then the same mutual friends sent us a brochure – one look and Jon was hooked.  We love Italy – the culture, food, wine and countryside, and knew that we would want to continue to travel there throughout our lives.  We had talked idly about a second home but soon realised that the bureaucracy and the ongoing time and effort for maintenance would make it a hassle rather than a pleasure.  The concept of Borgo di Vagli addressed all those concerns and provided a very attractive solution.    The flexibility of fractional ownership and the fact that you had some equity meant that it was much more appealing than a simple timeshare.

And so we bought a two-bed fractional – without having ever set foot in the place!  Despite the fact that this is SO out of character for us, we have never regretted the decision.  So our first visit was as owners.  We arrived in spring 2007 at Easter and were welcomed with sunshine, Easter eggs, bottles of wine and extremely friendly people.  The character and authenticity of the place was everything we had hoped for and the setting enchanting – remote and with its own special beauty. The flowering of the wisteria was the icing on the cake.

We have two boys and they love coming to Vagli – in fact to the point that one refuses to leave the place when we are there – despite trying to tempt him with ice-cream in Cortona. Depending on the time of year, time is spent in the pool, playing table tennis and board games and just generally relaxing, with great food and wine and the occasional walk in the surrounding countryside.  Forays to local towns & cultural sites have now become adults only!  At the moment we try to come at least twice a year but know that as the boys grow up and we have more flexibility we will spend more time at Vagli.  Our other weeks are used by friends – it is such a pleasure to be able to share it with them.

The unexpected, but wonderful, bonus to all of this has been the great friendships we have made with those people who are involved with Vagli – they play such a part in making it the special place it is.

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