Meet Your Owner

Candy Carr, Maryland, Washington USA

A good friend and I, living a half world apart, decided to meet in Rome and do a road trip together. She had spent time in Italy and wanted to show me all of her most cherished spots.

Unfortunately our trip was cut short due to unforeseen circumstances but she wanted to make sure she got me to her most cherished place in Italy, Borgo di Vagli. We came to Borgo to visit with the wonderful staff, whom had become dear friends of hers, and to experience all that is Borgo.

I fell in love instantly. The first sentence I learned to say, in Italian, was 'Mi piace molto qui'. I felt complete peace and calm... I couldn't even remember a time where I felt more at peace. I never wanted to leave. As a matter of fact, when my friend departed, I stayed at Borgo. I loved that everyone was so accommodating and I felt safe. Can you put a price on peace of mind? That is the question I asked several people, when considering the purchase.

Buying into Borgo was a big consideration financially, as I am single. I also recognized that this was not a financial investment, it was a way of life. After much debate, I decided to go for it. My intention was to come back as often as possible. I was able to visit 3 times in my first year of owning. Due to my work this year, I am unable to take leave, meaning I cannot return to Borgo until the fall. I'm already missing my home away from home and can't believe I won't be back for so long. I have no regrets of my purchase and look forward to a lifetime of amazing memories that will be created there.


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