Meet Your Owner

Tony and Wendy Yeldell

I fell in love with Italy during my first visit to Vicenza many years ago and never forgot the beauty of Venice, the delicious food. I was hooked. I am also a fan of the movie "Under the Tuscan Sun". After I watched it the first time, the memories of beautiful Italy came rushing back. I suggested (hounded) Tony about returning to Italy. I also made him sit through "Under the Tuscan Sun" with me again. :). It was after watching the movie that I went online and started researching future trips to Italy and became curious when I came across an advertisement for Borgo di Vagli on one of the pages.

I submitted an inquiry and started my research. Tony basically said if I planned the trip, he would go, so I arranged a Discovery Visit; everyone was so warm and welcoming and we wanted to return. Vagli is the perfect base that allows exploring during the day and relaxation at night. Each visit we have met wonderful people that we have truly enjoyed. The food is absolutely delicious and worth the trip. Pizza night is my favorite, followed very closely with October’s Olive Oil dinner.

The key factor was whether we were committed to traveling to the same location every year. Our trip this year convinced us that we made the right decision. We planned day trips and had a wonderful time. The decision to become an owner at BDV is a combination lifestyle (frequent international travel) and a financial investment. Our plans include yearly (at least) trips to Vagli. We have visited in July and October and I wonder what it's like in the winter.


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