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Sagra della Bistecca - T-bone Steak Festival
14-15 August

The “T-bone Steak Festival” (Sagra della Bistecca) is the most important gastronomical event in Cortona during the Summer, which takes place every year on the 14th and 15th August in the Parterre public gardens of Cortona, to celebrate the mid-August bank holiday with the good local cuisine.

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Cortona On The Move 2016 Exhibitions
July 14 | October 2 2016

Cortona On The Move photography in travel is the first international festival dedicated to photography, which gives travel the importance it deserves, by expressing this word in all of its shapes and definitions. From July, 14 to October, 2 2016, the Tuscan city will be once again one of the world capitals of photography, thanks to a valuable festival and an extraordinary program of events.

A must for professionals, amateurs and photography industry’s operators.

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Cortona Mix
July 26 | August 7 2016

Among the summer events in Cortona you cannot miss Cortona Mix Festival, a big cultural event of music, cinema, theater, arts and literature, a cocktail of performances and meetings, wine tasting and local products tasting and social events. The beautiful Etruscan town of Cortona hosts this big event on the national and international scale where contemporary culture, technology and entertainment will be mixed together with ancient origins and traditions of the territory in a fascinating mix of genres and shows that will be taking place in the lovely frame of Piazza Signorelli, of Teatro Signorelli and of the MAEC Museum (Museum of the Etruscan Academy and the City of Cortona).

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Festa dei Barbari
Castel Rigone
4 - 7 August

The "Festival of the Barbarians" is with us again. Historical re-enactments including free food and wine.

Between August 4 to 7 one of the most anticipated Umbrian pageants will be taking place at Castel Rigone which will come alive with its unique "Festival of the Barbarians". This year the wine is served free of charge accompanied by traditional Umbrian dishes. During the evenings you can visit the market, but also assist in melee combat, until the crowd choses the winner. Castel Rigone is transformed into a barbarian village, where the crafts of yesteryear live again.

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International Festival of Young Performers
Castel Rigone, Passignano sul Trasimeno (PG)
July 23 | August 28 2016

The Festival presents a program which, as is the spirit of the event, will give ample space to outstanding young musicians accompanied by professional musicians with an established acclaim on the international scene.

The concerts scheduled offer a wide range of beautiful music in surrounded by the art and traditions of a town proud of its history and the cultural heritage it represents.

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Tagliatella festival
5-7 August and 11-15 August

A beautiful village festival in Mercatale di Cortona, in the green Val di Pierle, a few hundred meters from the border between Umbria and Tuscany.
The 42nd edition of the Festival of the Tagliatella Casareccia will also host rock concerts, folk shows, games and dancing.
Excellent local cuisine, with a special feature: the dishes are all served at the table on ceramic plates and stainless steel cutlery!

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Palio of Siena
August 16

Dragon, Porcupine, Caterpillar, Owl...these are just some of the 17 names of the contradas or neighbourhoods into which the city of Siena is divided, small parts of the city which are really towns unto themselves, each with its own church and leader of the local political entity. And each with its own heart and special sense of belonging to the neighbourhood, even more than to the city.

How were the Contradas born? According to the most reliable hypothesis, the Contradas are direct descendants of ancient military companies into which the city and medieval Sienese army was divided. The Palio could have come from the competitions between companies that took place in times of peace but there are possibilities that its origins are even older, that it might even date back to the Etruscans.

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Volterra AD 1398 – Medieval Festival
August 28

The city will be animated by fiery warhorses, fearless knights, noblemen, ladies, artisans and merchants, common people and peasants, flagwavers and crossbowmen, musicians and jesters....if by magic they will bring back the mysterious and magic Middle Ages to Volterra.

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