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Trofie with burrata cream, cherry tomatoes and pesto

For those of you who haven’t yet visited Borgo di Vagli and for those who had the enjoyment of experiencing Dina’s mouth-watering casalinga cuisine in the Hamlet’s trattoria I’ cche c’é c’é, in each newsletter we continue to highlight one of Dina's popular recipes for you to try at home, this month we highlight Tiziana’s Trofie with burrata, cheery tomorates and pesto Trofie is short pasta that originates from Liguria similar to Pici (no eggs) but shorter and twisted!

Ingredients for 4 people

- 320gr of trofie
- 250g of cherry tomatoes
- 250gr of burrata
- Milk
- Home made pesto
- Extra virgin olive oil
- Garlic
- Seasoning

Ingredients for the pesto

- 100g of basil leaves
- 2 cloves of garlic
- 50g of pine nuts
- 30g of grated pecorino
- 70g of grated parmesan cheese
- 200gr extra virgin olive oil
- Salt to taste


With mortar ...

1 Put the pine nuts and the garlic cut into slices in a mortar and begin to pound.
2 Slowly, slowly add the basil leaves and a little salt and continue to beat until paste is smooth.
3 Place the paste in a bowl and add the grated cheese and add the olive oil, stirring until you have a fairly dense sauce.

With a food processor ...

1 Put the pine nuts and sliced garlic into the processor and chop a little.
2 Then, add the basil, chop again, and eventually add the grated cheese until you have a smooth paste.
3 Pour the mixture into a bowl, season with salt and add olive oil, stirring until you have a thickish sauce.

Pasta cooking

1 Cook the pasta in salted water.
2 Dip the tomatoes in boiling water to peel them easily, cut into four removing the seeds and sauté in a pan with oil and a clove of garlic.
3 Soak the basil sprigs in warm milk, without boiling, allow to stand for seasoning, then remove the sprigs and add the chopped burrata.
4 Toss the pasta with the tomatoes, add the burrata cream and pesto. Season with salt. Serve and garnish with basil leaves. 


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