Owner's Photo Competition


And the winner of this months Owner’s photo competition goes to David Cooper from Ottawa, Canada

David took this image one morning when he was helping Dina and her family harvest the olives. David beautifully captured the essence of the Tuscan countryside at this time of the year when everybody who knows someone with an olive grove lends a hand and the 10th Century Pierle Castle in the background reminds us of Tuscany’s rich architectural and feudal history.

Each month one high-resolution photo will be chosen and circulated electronically; from now on the winner will fittingly be presented with a copy of the renowned American photographer Leonard Freed’s photo book IO AMO L’ITALIA. Freed’s exhibition Io amo l’Italia was held during 2012 in Milan, Rome and Turin and well supported by both critics and the general public. Leonard Freed once referred to his relationship with Italy as a “love story”.


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