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Each month we highlight a place of interest around the globe that we consider as unique as Borgo di Vagli. The tips are selected as they either show respect for the environment, nature, and architectural beauty or are deeply indigenous to their individual origin. This month Fulvio treats us to a snippet of his trip to Perù.

…..we will probably give our readers more tips about Perù in the coming months, but Fulvio thought that Museu Larco in Lima is probably one of the less “obvious” and conventional sites you would visit during a trip in that vast and wonderful country.

When you’ll visit Heritage gems like Cuzco or Machu Picchu, you will, unfortunately, experience the feeling you are one of thousands of people that, on that specific day, were schedule to be allowed to experience that unbelievable beauty and to breath a bit of that unique Culture and History…

Throughout the country you will visit dozens of archaeological sites, which will let you be part of the incredible Incas World. Your guides will also explain that all you see,… gigantic as it is… was built in a very limited period of time: ONLY 150 years !!!! And it was brutally stopped only because of the Spanish invasion. Nobody can say what the Incas could have achieved without the Spanish invading their territories….

But, what Fulvio found so interesting in Museu Larco is that the masterpieces collected and shown there anticipate the Incas civilisation by hundreds of years. Mochica, Chimu, Chinca, Chavin, Huari… civilizations (as we said, hundreds of years before the Incas) left ceramic, golden, fabric, stone pieces of Art, which are not second to any other pre-Columbian Culture. Quite the contrary: they show their immense ability in craftsmanship in the different fields of day-by-day usage and ceremonial rites and reach probably their best achievements in the splendid golden jewels you can admire there.

The Museum is very “friendly”, not intimidating at all, the pieces are displayed in a fantastic way, the notes are very clear and informative and very passionate guides can lead you around if you want… but the most important is that you can really take your time to immerse yourself in that World of Art: you won’t have the feeling you need to hurry up, as someone is pushing you….

Nothing better than Fulvio’s photos below, can make you have the feeling of what you can unveil there.

In the Museum is also a very nice Restaurant, which would allow you – accompanied by a good Pisco sower - to have a tasteful rest before you may decide to visit the Museum’s vast erotic vase collection… really inspiring.



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