Dina's Recipe

Veal in grapefruit sauce

For those of you who haven’t yet visited Borgo di Vagli and for those who had the enjoyment of experiencing Dina’s mouth-watering casalinga cuisine in the Hamlet’s trattoria I’ cche c’é c’é, in each newsletter we continue to highlight one of Dina's popular recipes for you to try at home. This month we highlight her veal in a grapefruit sauce accompanied by fresh spinach.



- 900gr of lean veal meat
- 900gr of fresh spinach leaves
- 40gr of butter
- zest of one medium sized orange
- 1 yellow grapefruit
- 1 pink grapefruit
- 2 cloves of garlic
- 100 gr of white flour
- A few sage leaves
- Extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper to taste


1 Wash the fruit and vegetables.
2 Squeeze the grapefruits and put the juice aside for use later.
3 Grate the zest of the orange and add it to the flour as well as the salt and pepper.
4 Chop the veal meat into small cubes (approximately 1 cm wide) and cover with the flour mix.
5 Take a cooking pan and gently rub the garlic clover on the bottom. Melt the butter and gently sauté the sage leaves and the meat.
6 Take another pan, pour some extra virgin olive oil and add a clove of garlic. When the garlic is turning gold add the spinach and continue cooking for 5 minutes. When ready, put aside and keep warm.
7 Once the meat is sautéd pour the grapefruit juice and let the sauce thicken.
8 Serve the meat accompanied by spinach and decorate the dish with the zest of the grapefruit.

Buon Appetito!


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