Tip of the Month

Each month we highlight a place of interest around the globe that we consider as unique as Borgo di Vagli. The tips are selected as they either show respect for the environment, nature, and architectural beauty or are deeply indigenous to their individual origin.

This month we highlight two very interesting excursions in Siena.

"Bottini" Guided tour, an underground aqueduct stretching some 25 kilometres, a master piece of engineering which brings water into the city of Siena dating back to the XXII century. Walking along the streets of this medieval city and admiring its beautiful buildings, it is intriguing to think that underneath it all lie many kilometres of tunnels that can still be visited today.

Stefania at Reception will be happy to book you into a tour (it appears a lot more complicated on the website) so please be sure to ask her should you wish to visit the “Bottini”.

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Siena Fountains Guided tour and visit to the Water museum.
Due to the fact that the city was built on hills, water has always been a prime concern in Siena.The classic fountains, like Fontebranda,  Fonte Gaia, Fonte del Casato, contains many artistic and architecture treasures that can be discovered while walking in the historical city centre.


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