If You Were Here Now

If you were at Borgo di Vagli in your Tuscan residence in the coming months, below are a few attractions to consider visiting.

Bill Viola - Electronic Renaissance
Palazzo Strozzi
10.03.2017 | 23.07.2017

The Palazzo Strozzi Foundation presents to the public Bill Viola. Electronic Renaissance, a major exhibition celebrating the undisputed master of contemporary video art. In a unitary exhibition between Piano Nobile and Strozzina the exhibition traces - through extraordinary experiences of immersion between space, image and sound - the career of this artist, the first experiments of the seventies up to large installations subsequent to the millennium.

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Archidado Joust
Sunday 7 May 2017

The Archidado Joust traces its origins back to the Middle Ages and was officially created in 1397 to celebrate the wedding of Francesco Casali, the Lord of Cortona, and Antonia Salimbeni, a noble woman from Siena. In the city of Cortona, this historical event is recalled every year on the second Sunday of June, when people are lead back to the ancient medieval splendour of the city. The streets are decorated in medieval style, ladies, knights, flag flyers, crossbow shooters, soldiers, pages, civil and religious authorities, all dressed with fine costumes, liven up the city center, which is rich in history and artistic beauties of every time.

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The Ages of Gold: Reflections of Piero della Francesca
Casa Museo Ivan Bruschi
On display until May 7, 2017

Piero della Francesca’s art is as much a mirror as a shadow, reflecting complex thoughts, provoking creativity and eluding clear definition. His work shows a devotion to and understanding of geometry: shape and form illustrate spiritual mysteries. His images speak to that which is both calculable and incalculable. This complex, multiple approach is at the heart of a conceptual exhibit now open to the public in a new impressive space in Arezzo.

The ample, airy space of Galleria Bruschi, the location for “The Ages of Gold: Reflections of Piero della Francesca”, is as important as the works on show. Recently renovated (it was once a glum warren of booths for antique dealers) and owned by the Fondazione Ivan Bruschi, the gallery is situated next door to the Church of San Francesco. As a matter of fact, “The Legend of the True Cross” fresco series was painted by Piero on what is literally a shared wall. Seen through this lens, the space and the inaugural exhibit represent a breakthrough experience for the city of Arezzo, for art lovers generally and for Piero connoisseurs specifically.

The exhibit itself is structured around three contemporary explorations of Piero della Francesca’s art. Each one could be an exhibit in its own right. Together, they are a kaleidoscopic and refractory experience.

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Caravaggio in Sansepolcro
Museo Civico
On display until June 4, 2017

The exhibition – curated by Maria Cristina Bandera – presents a new comparison between Caravaggio and Piero della Francesca. At a first glance this comparison might seem risky. But the reasons are easy to understand looking at the two artists, so far and so different from each other, under the spotlight of Roberto Longhi; both were studied and "rediscovered" by the great art historian during his educational years.

Roberto Longhi (1890-1970) was one of the most fascinating characters of the XX century art history. He carried out pivotal studies about Caravaggio, Piero della Francesca and other artists, in an essay he called "Officina Ferrarese".

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Street food 4Wheels in Arezzo
6th - 9th of April 

The best Italian street food will once again begin its national tour from Arezzo, the city home to the association where for the past seven years the event Streetfood Village has had great success. The Pertini Park (known to all as Giotto Park) will host the best Italian street food operators selected by the association from the 6th to 9th of April 2017. Not to be missed!

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