Meet Your Owner

Frances and I are new owners of a 2nd interest at Vagli and we could not be happier. Our first interest, a two-bedroom, purchased a few years ago was perfect for us; perhaps too perfect. We visited as a couple and visited with our two daughters. We also used the program’s flexibility to book multiple residences at the same time so we could share the experience with ten close friends all of whom were tired of hearing about the hamlet and wanted to share the experience.

We have now been to Vagli during each of the four seasons. Each has its charms whether it’s the budding of flowers during the cool mornings in the spring or the rustling sound of the boars forging for fruit and nuts that have fallen from the trees in the fall. We have been to Vagli when every residence has been occupied in the summer and have enjoyed the solitude of being the hamlet’s only resident during the winter. Again, each time has its advantages whether it’s the camaraderie in I’ cche c’è c’è on pizza night or the starry winter nights enjoyed by the fire with wine.

So why a second unit? In the short-term we are visiting Vagli 4x annually and wanted the flexibility that having a second interest affords; especially when inviting guests. And, although the hideaway beds in the living rooms are comfortable, it gives our guests and ourselves more privacy to have two residences. Longer term having two interests ensures that the hamlet remains an integral part of our family vacationing. Frances and I envision a future when our daughters and their significant others (and perhaps grandchildren) share the two bedroom and we occupy the one bedroom. Scary enough, our eldest daughter and her boyfriend just enjoyed their first solo visit this spring.

Lastly, we purchased a second interest at Vagli because it’s not only a place where we bring family and friends to, but many of the staff at the hamlet have become like extended family as well. There is nothing quite like the feeling of anticipation we have when turning onto the last 2km of dirt road on the way to the hamlet knowing that the views will again take our breath away, knowing that the atmosphere will melt away whatever worries we came with, and knowing that we will be greeted like long lost family when we reach the reception office.

We look forward to returning again this weekend with several friends. Lee you had better stock the wine cellar.


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