Owner's Photo Competition

And the winner of this months Owner’s photo competition goes to Mrs. Josephine Baiamonte Washington, USA

In Josephine’s own words when asked about what her photo meant to her, she commented, “In terms of what the picture means to me, that is simple - the photo represents a view that exemplifies all that is Borgo… a transport to simplicity, tranquility and hospitality. It is our home away from home. The light is always on, welcoming you back as if you were never gone.”

Each month one high-resolution photo will be chosen and circulated electronically; from now on the winner will fittingly be presented with a copy of the renowned American photographer Leonard Freed’s photo book IO AMO L’ITALIA. Freed’s exhibition Io amo l’Italia was held during 2012 in Milan, Rome and Turin and well supported by both critics and the general public. Leonard Freed once referred to his relationship with Italy as a “love story”. 


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