If You Were Here Now

If you were at Borgo di Vagli in your Tuscan residence in the coming months, below are a few attractions to consider visiting.

Cortona Mix Festival
19 July | 23 July

The Cortona Mix festival takes place in the heart of summer and Italy: at the end of July, in the squares, theatres and other scenes offered by Cortona, a fascinating city of millenarian history, whose roots go back to Etruscan civilisation and whose splendour is perpetuated through the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

In its first five editions, the Cortona Mix Festival has hosted some of the most renowned protagonists in the world of music, literature, entertainment and Italian and international culture, offering the public a number of memorable moments. Not to be missed!

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Festival di Musica Sacra
July 2 | July 9

The Festival di Musica Sacra (Sacred Music Festival) has taken place every year since 2004 in summer in Cortona and is organised by the Associazione Cortona Cristiana following the ideal of mixing arts, music, culture and religious faith. The Association wants to promote and spread Christian artistic and music culture in a place where culture has always been mixed with faith.

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Festival of the 2 Worlds
July 2 | July 9

The Festival of the 2 Worlds in Spoleto, also known as the Spoleto Festival and Spoleto Festival of the 2 Worlds, is one of the oldest and most important festivals in Umbria, as well as a world-renowned event and for a while the only one of its kind in Italy.
The Spoleto Festival was born in 1958 on the impetus of the master composer Gian Carlo Menotti and his vision: to unite two very different cultures and art worlds, the European and the American. The Festival is dedicated to art in all its forms and expressions. The "duality" was always present in the bill, too. Along with unique, unusual and original avant-garde performances are staged works respectful of the classical tradition. During the 17 days of the festival, which usually begins on the last Friday of June, ballet, opera, painting, lectures, concerts, theatre, conferences, church music, readings, puppet shows and contemporary art take turns to go on stage.

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Music Fest Perugia
July 21 | August 6

MFP is the only festival in the world that provides almost all of its participants with the experience and thrill of playing as a soloist with an orchestra! Last year more than 120 young artists performed with the orchestra. Come and be a part of the most magical festival for young musicians and music lovers in Europe! With our brilliant resident orchestra, our students have the opportunity to work with and perform the Concerto Repertoire in some of the most exquisite venues that Italy has to offer! With a world class faculty from the most prestigious music schools, students leave our festival inspired, on fire, and transformed! The history and culture of beautiful Perugia and the overwhelmingly stunning Umbrian and Tuscan countryside make our eyes open to the beauty and wonder around us. Our program offers public performances, solo recitals, chamber music concerts, master classes, private lessons and inspirational discussions about the infinite possibilities music gives us all. Come join us for the magic that is Musicfest Perugia!

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Girifalco Fortress

The Girifalco Fortress has watched the beautiful town of Cortona from above since the 5th Century. Having faced many changes in its structure over the centuries, the fortress took its present appearance in the 17th century with the rule of the Medici family. For many years it has been forgotten by the local authorities, but not by many creative young inhabitants of Cortona that decided to bring new life to the Fortress through the organisation of cultural events in the beautiful spaces of the ancient building.

‘Fortezza Live Summer, from July 2nd to August 19th, is the Fortress’ live concert festival.
From August 6th to 27th ‘Jazz Fortress’ will offer visitors the chance to experience jazz music live.
‘Aperitif and DJ Set’ from June 23rd to September 1st - the live music at sunset at the fortres is very much appreciated by the younger generations.
From May 20th to January 2018 the Fortress is also the chosen stage for many art and photography exhibitions.

Location, Fortezza del Girifalco, Cortona

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Bernini and Velásques
Self portraits at the Nobile Collegio del Cambio

The National Gallery of Umbria in Perugia holds a remarkable art collection that was donated to the city of Perugia in 1999 by Valentino Martinelli, the eminent scholar from Rome who held the chair of History of Medieval and Modern Art at the University of Perugia from 1962 to 1975. This collection, which is dedicated entirely to Baroque art (a field extensively studied by Martinelli), includes three portraits that are interesting interpretations of the Self-Portrait by Velázquez at the Capitoline Picture Gallery in Rome, but are also reproposals of the painting style of Bernini. This is a way to revive the debate about the relations and mutual influences occurring between Bernini and Velázquez, who may have met (and frequented) each other at the time of the Spanish master’s first trip to Italy in 1629-1630.

Location: Nobile Collegio del Cambio, Corso Vannucci 25, 06121 Perugia
Ticket price: € 4.50
Visiting hours 
Mon-Sat: 9-12.30AM/2.30-5.30PM
Holidays: 9AM-1PM.

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