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Each month we highlight a place of interest around the globe that we consider as unique as Borgo di Vagli. The tips are selected as they either show respect for the environment, nature, and architectural beauty or are deeply indigenous to their individual origin. This month we have chosen to highlight a selection of “genuine” street food options.

Normally what we intend as street food is not something “new” on the culinary panorama, rather we are talking about something adapted to today’s needs. Traditional foods that have a long and illustrious history and culture from various places and origins transformed for eating on the go.

The expression street food, means food that can be eaten fast, without requiring a table like a normal meal, maybe even eaten while strolling the streets or sitting on a park bench...pretty much wherever we happen to be at the time.

Today street food has become an art, a synonym for tradition, something both genuine and authentic.  It has quickly become one of the best ways to guarantee eating real local and traditional food, with local and fresh ingredients in a familiar and friendly atmosphere, where the phrase "alla bona" comes alive.

This month we decided to highlight something “smaller”…, but, not for this, less intriguing and, speaking about food, less scrumptious ...

There’s a lot of growing attention, around the world, for the so called street food and that shows the interest for a “minor” or less elaborated cuisine, but, on the other hand, for the “cuisine of the roots”, the cuisine that belongs to the ancestors and their day-by-day life.
Italy is so rich in regional food that the even the “chapter” street food becomes a never ending experience: Tuscany, of course, is not second to any other Italian region and boasts a whole selection of very simple and very tasty dishes, most of them brought to us from the traditional rural cuisine.

You will be offered firstly a complete selection of cold cuts; virtually every farmer family was preparing its own “salame”, which could vary amongst their different recipes as capocollo, prosciutto, finocchiona, soppressata, buristo… and all of them then prepared from the different cuts of pork or wild boar or Cinta Senese meat.

Sandwiches selection …forever, with different types of bread (typically Tuscan the one without salt), which can become even more varied and tasty if accompanied by one of the hundred cheeses of the the area...

Or you can be attracted by the several types of trippa, including the “weird” (for someone) lampredotto (a beef tripe dish from Florence, usually served with a green parsley sauce, pepper, olive oil and eaten in a bread roll).

Or the famous porchetta, who’s recipe and seasoning may vary a lot depending on the porchettaro who prepares and cooks it in the typical wood burning oven.

Or also, why not, by one of the fried fish vans you normally find in the market fair, which take place in every town or village once a week....

The list of good street food spots is endless, but we’re happy to give you our own random tips for those we consider the best.

If you are a fan of "porchetta" you can taste a great sample off the Porchetta truck in Cortona at the market every Saturday morning whereas on Thursdays you can find them in Camucia and on Wednesdays you can try some fried fish served from a van in Mercatale market.



Here are a couple of suggestions for some of the best street food options in Florence.
‘Lampredotto’ is not to everyones taste but a must when you are in Florence - you can find a van serving this delicacy parked outside the Cibreo in Florence.

At the Lungarno del Tempio there will be an entire street food area for the whole summer. Amongst these you will find:
La Toraia  (one of the ’torelli’ of the restaurant La Toraia of Fratta, well known also by our owners) 
Pescepane (fried fish and variety of panini and more, all organic, the have an actual ‘apetto’ instead of a van, which is cute)
Panino Tondo (Italian style burgers and salads)
Carapina (homemade ice cream)

Another great option is All'Antico Vinaio in Via dei Neri 65/R in Florence.

Finally check out this website for other great venues in Florence.



And lastly check out the Antica Salumeria in Perugia which has been in the family since 1916


Il Kiosko di Milkone in Via Massetana Romana (outside the centre)
Toscana Golosa Via della Sapienza 35
Hamburgheria Buongusto Via Pantaneto 54
• And last but not least... Pizzicheria de Miccoli, on the way to the Duomo from Piazza del Campo. You can consider it the “Jewellery of the street food”; one of his sandwiches can cost you a fortune (...you may always say you ate at Bulgari), but you won’t regret it...


Don’t miss the market in Viale Giotto on Saturdays. Dozens of vans from the four corners of Tuscany await for you with their goodies: cheeses and salamis and ham and sausages and all sorts of tripe and porchetta and breads and more… you won’t beleaving the market without  grabbing one of their specialities…


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