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Fractional Owner of Tuscan Paradise

It has been almost ten years since Henrik and I bought a share in Borgo Di Vagli. We did so despite our common senses. The world was in the middle of a major credit crunch; I had my own, somewhat vulnerable, business and there were so many other places we’d also like to see in this world. So why on earth should we put so much money up for one single place?

Because nothing in the world is like it!

Borgo di Vagli has become our second home. A home where you’re always received as if you’ve been missed and sorely awaited. A home with room for all. We never cease to be amazed at how every single employee, par none, contribute to our feeling of “coming home”. It is invaluable and we are so grateful for this.

We’ve stayed at Borgo di Vagli during every season of the year. We’ve been here for three days and we’ve been here for three weeks. We’ve celebrated New Years and Easter here. My husband proposed to me under one of the Pergolas at Borgo di Vagli; he did so overlooking the olive grove and the hills. How could I say anything but “yes”? Very clever man, my husband!



There’s also the great joy of everyone’s company here; to be a part of a community. The great joy of being able to discuss culture, politics and values with people from all over the world. To have a drink or two... or three... and to sing in the warm summer night.

Our kids are grown up now and enjoy Vagli without us; they go there with their sweethearts, their friends and now with our grandchildren. Henrik and I we come here at least twice a year, - preferably more.

Borgo di Vagli is for us, the break you give yourself in life. The break which you don’t want to end. Or rather, the life which you don’t want to take a break from at all.

Henrik Ferdinand and Rikke from Denmark


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