Dina's Recipe
Cream of Celeriac with Hazelnuts

For those of you who haven’t yet visited Borgo di Vagli and for those who had the enjoyment of experiencing Dina’s mouth-watering casalinga cuisine in the Hamlet’s trattoria I’ cche c’é c’é, in each newsletter we continue to highlight one of Dina's popular recipes for you to try at home, this month we highlight her Cream of Celeriac with Hazelnuts

INGREDIENTS for 4 people

- 2kg celeriac
- 500gr of leeks
- 1l. of water
- 20 gr whole toasted hazelnuts
- 2 sprigs of sage
- 40gr olive oil
- nutmeg as required
- salt
- black pepper


1 Clean the vegetables: rinse the leeks under running water, removing the green part and the root, then make a longitudinal incision with the knife and remove the more coriaceous leaves; finally cut the leek shank into pieces of a couple of cm thick.
2 Celeriac: Wash it carefully under running water, then remove the peel and cut it first into slices and then into pieces 2cm thick.
3 Heat the oil in a saucepan, add the sage leaves (leave 2 aside for garnishing) and fry for about 5 minutes on a medium heat, then remove.
4 Add the chunks of leek and celeriac, raise the heat and toast for about 5 minutes, pour in the cold water, cover with a lid and cook for about 40 minutes.
5 Place the hazelnuts in an oven dish and toast for 15 minutes at 190 degrees to be browned; once toasted, break them roughly.
6 In a blender add the chopped sage leaves and cooked vegetables and blend them until creamy.
7 Add a little grated nutmeg and mix well. Season.
8 Put the now creamy mix in a dish, garnish with the toasted hazelnuts and a little chopped sage and a ground pepper.


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