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Each month we highlight a place of interest around the globe that we consider as unique as Borgo di Vagli. The tips are selected as they either show respect for the environment, nature, and architectural beauty or are deeply indigenous to their individual origin. This month we decided to highlight, Montone, a true gem and in the words of our dear friend Michael.

Michael’s Must Do Day Trip: #1 - Montone 


A must-see, pristine and beautiful Italian jewel, located only about 35 minutes from Borgo di Vagli. It’s an easy drive down into Mercatale, where you turn left at the town center and follow the signs to Umbertide. As you enter Umbertide, follow signs to the left through two roundabouts and out of the city toward Montone. A winding series of switchbacks with beautiful views and suddenly you’ve arrived!

Montone is an absolutely magical, medieval walled city at the top of a hill overlooking all of the Umbria countryside. Parking is around the outside walls surrounding the main arched entrance into the city, as well as additional lots located at the top of the city. Any of them will lead into the Centro in just a few minutes. Linger in the town square and have an espresso, amazing hand-made chocolates or a meal at L’Antica Osteria. Check them out online www.lanticaosteria.it. Not hungry yet? Take your time to explore the winding side streets. The cobblestone pathways are things of beauty, with intricate detail and amazing precision. The entire city can be walked in an hour.

Next, climb up to the park at the top of the City. A monument to fallen soldiers of WWI and WWII dominates the square next to a small walled ruin, and the view from any vantage point is beyond description. On your left is the stairway to the restaurant Erba Luna, a high-end tribute to culinary excellence. Chef Claudio originally moved from Rome to Montone in 1993 and opened the Erba Luna Restaurant in the main square of the medieval village. In 2007 he moved the restaurant to the ancient stables of Fortebraccio’s castle, which he renovated and restored with his partner Edyta.

The restaurant presents the structural characteristics of the original, but its interior is characterized by soft lighting, soft colors and a beautiful interior in what was once the stables of the castle. After a dozen visits, I find his creations some of the best food in Italy. Plan on lingering for a few hours, at the least. Click here www.erbalunaristorante.com for their online site. Just off the park is a beautiful church and the site of an ancient convent. The convent’s order has been famous for centuries for being the guardians and protector of what is alleged to be one of the thorns from the crown of Jesus.

Montone is everything we love about wandering Tuscany – a unique and beautiful village filled with history, character and adventure. You won’t be disappointed. Ciao!



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