Meet Your Owner

Here is a collage of just a few of our wonderful owners and some of their shared feelings about their home in Tuscany.

"As soon as you come towards Vagli, there is something about it, it looks almost organic"
Alistair and Barbara Webster, England

“And when we go hiking, it’s like we go through these perfumed hills…” “You hear the birds and they sing all through the day… keeping the windows open, let’s the nature come to you, even when you are resting in your house.”
Harald Kobbe, Bergen Norway

“We feel as though we have bought into history… how many people can do that. It is more than money, we really see there’s more value underneath than just a business decision.”
Lawrence and Sandi, Canada

“If not now, when?”
Bruce and Elizabeth, Melbourne Australia

“We very much like our hideout in the Tuscan/Umbria border and highly recommend it to all who search for and love peace, nature, culture, food, wine… Italy.”
Dirk and Ria, Belgium

“Arriving in Vagli is similar to returning to the womb, nothing more protected, cosy, relaxing, a flash back to your origin.”
Antonio and Anna Maria, Brazil

“We instantly felt at home as soon as we arrived and were greeted with Stefania’s welcoming smile.” “Another highlight for us, was Dina’s private pasta making course, and the opportunity to ‘volunteer’ in the kitchen to learn Dina’s recipes firsthand.”
David and Melissa, Canada

“The greeting, “welcome back”, or “welcome home”, never fails to bring a smile of contentment and a sense of belonging upon arrival.”
Ed and Bryn, Canada

“Borgo is not for everyone. It is not a place to see or be seen, or a destination where every moment is scripted or planned. But for people whose dreams it fulfills, like ours, it is a joy and treasure beyond measure.”
Michael and Susan, USA

The flexibility of fractional ownership and the fact that you had some equity meant that it was much more appealing than a simple timeshare.
Jon and Veryan, England

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