Meet Your Owner

As we look across the scorched olive groves, we are reminded of a wonderful community spirited event some lucky owners and their friends enjoyed last autumn. A total of 20 owners and their friends helped Dina, Tiziana, Simone, Massimo and Giuseppe harvest what would become ‘green gold’ - Vagli Olive Oil. The weather was glorious, we had clear sunny skies and a balmy 24°, and after a few hours of hand harvesting olives while practising some Italian together, Dina prepared what she said would be a simple Tuscan lunch!!! And what a lunch… in the blink of an eye, and right there in one of the lower olive groves, she fashioned some cotto bricks and placed a grill on top and cooked us locally produced (Mercatale) sausages, she sliced and served “her” wild boar salami and laid out “wheels” of pecorino cheese, for us to enjoy, all paired with excellent vino sfuso from Montepulciano. It wasn’t long before we had our fill and laughter spilled out across the valley… The smiles turned to shock when Dina said she still had a month more of harvesting to do and asked who would like to stay and help. After a moment or two of contemplation 40 arms shot up, followed by more laughter and wine..! It is not a surprise that October has become such a popular month.

As friend and owner Carolyn Hoffman said, “after several years as an owner, this is the most memorable event I have enjoyed. What a wonderful sense of community, family and friendship. This day will live with me forever.”




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