Meet Your Owner

Steve and Lota Hahn, Green Mills, Pennsylvania USA

We feel very blessed to have found Borgo di Vagli! We had been traveling to Italy since 2001, and had been leasing beautifully restored villas in various parts of Tuscany. We fell in love with Tuscany and Umbria and we dreamed that one day we could own there so we could have place to come with family and friends over the years.

Steve is half Italian and it seemed that the Italian way of life was one of those experiences we had to embrace.

On one of our trips we were with close friends of ours enjoying a cappuccino in one of Cortona’s beautiful piazza’s doing some serious people watching when our friend saw a flyer/map about Borgo di Vagli pinned to a board in the café. He handed it to us and said "this looks like a great place, maybe you should buy there!" We all laughed and thought "yeah, in our dreams!"

Unbeknown to the others, I folded it up and stuck it in my bag. Upon our return home, I (Lota) looked at the map/flyer and then did some research over the internet. We decided on our next trip that we would try to find the time to visit.

Our next visit was in October and we were traveling with all of Steve's family and at the end of the trip Steve and I had arranged with Lee to make a discovery visit. We were so very excited about visiting this magical place.

Unfortunately, Steve's elderly father fell at home towards the last days and his family had to return to the States sooner then expected and Steve and I contacted Lee to see if we could anticipate our discovery visit. Not a problem, and we were accommodated immediately.

Unlike others, we LOVED the road to the hamlet! It gave us our first feeling that this place was going to be truly authentic. We had a most wonderful dinner in the trattoria with Lee and owners from California, Joe and Gail. We spent a wonderfully peaceful night in a charming residence with views that were amazing.

We were so impressed that you could feel like you were really a part of a place that had so much history, yet had all the modern amenities. The next morning, our tour of the hamlet was a little rushed as we had to catch the plane home, but we could quickly see that this place was truly one of a kind. We had visited Borgo for less than 24 hours but we knew we belonged there.

Everything was perfect for us. The location, in Tuscany but near Umbria. My favorite Tuscan town was Cortona, so I was very pleased and probably the biggest factor in our decision was that we could share this place with our four children and eventually their spouses and eventually, grandchildren. We can leave and know that all is well, and never have to worry that our beautiful Tuscany Home is being taken care of. We consider Stefania, Daria, Dina, Tiziana and all the staff like our Italian family and they couldn’t be more helpful.

Our decision to join Club Borgo di Vagli was for the lifestyle that we love to share with our family and close friends. Nothing could be better!! Historically we try to visit minimum two times a year, a week or two at a time, but we look forward to the time when we can stay longer.


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