Owner's Photo Competition

And the winner of this months Owner’s photo competition goes to Renato Cremonese from Porto Alegre, Brazil

Renato loves cooking in his free-time and the few days he recently spent at Vagli with his beautiful wife Anna, gave him plenty of opportunity to do just that. He enjoyed shopping at the local farmers markets and takes inspiration from the fresh local produce, and delighted Anna with his creations and flair. Not only is he a great chef but also a keen photographer, as seen in his still shot. He sourced the figs from the fig trees just outside their residence - now that’s Kilometer 0. Bravo Renato!

As we continue to increase our photo gallery, we encourage all of our owners and their unaccompanied guests to email:reception@borgodivagli.com with their own favourite photos of Borgo di Vagli in high resolution. Each month one high resolution photo will be chosen and circulated electronically; the winner will be presented with a bottle of Brunello di Montalcino when he will be next at his 'Home in Tuscany' - Borgo di Vagli.


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