If You Were Here Now

If you were at Borgo di Vagli in your Tuscan residence in the coming month, below are a few attractions to consider visiting.

Borgo di Vagli Premier olive Pressing Dinner
Wednesday 15th and Sunday 19th October 2014

Premier olive pressing dinner in our charming Trattoria: once again due to high demand we will have two gourmet dinners featuring Fulvio's newly pressed olive oil. Fulvio is currently harvesting a small amount of olives which he’ll take to be pressed tomorrow, the bounty will be paired with a special oil themed dinner.

Sagra della Castagna
Pierle Castle
12th October 2014

The Sagra della Castagna is always a great event and is held right next to the Pierle Castle. Join the Borgo team and many owners who gather to visit this VERY local celebration each year - just 2 kilometers from Borgo di Vagli. A country gastronomic festival, featuring local food (roasted chestnuts), dance, music and more. A tradition in your backyard - not to be missed. See you there!!!

Mario Sironi Exhibition
Complesso Vittoriano
Piazza Venezia, Rome
4th October 2014 – 8th February 2015

Mario Sironi 1885-1961 is among the greatest masters of twentieth-century and a number of his pieces are presented at the Vittoriano in Rome with a major retrospective.

Through his works, the most significant means to reconstruct the complex activities of the Master, retracing all the seasons of his painting, from the beginnings Symbolists at the time pointillist, the Futurist period to the metaphysical, from the twentieth century Italian mural painting to the works of Second World War era.

"Mario Sironi reflects the focus of the Victorian to Italian painting of the twentieth century.

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Auto e Moto d’Epoca
24th October – 27th 2014

Auto e Moto d’Epoca Padova 24th October – 27th 2014 "Auto e Moto d'Epoca" vintage cars and motorbike show now in its 30th year. The annual event dedicated to the world of historic vehicles hosted at Fiera di Padova. Auto and Moto d'Epoca was ranked first in Europe for the number of cars and motorcycles on display in the latest edition reaching 1,600 models distributed over an area of 90,000 square meters. The hall takes you on a journey and learn about the the past, present and even the future: futuristic models, concept cars.

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Truffle and white potato fair
Pietralunga Perugia
10th – 12th and 19th - 26th October 2014

The unmistakable scent of the truffle and the unique taste of the Pietralunga white potato combines with jazz, sporting events, rallies and social activities.

At the fair you will find stands offering samples of locally grown potato dishes and to buy locally collected white and black truffles and wine tasting. Heaven for the tartufo lovers!


17th - 26th October 2014

Since the early 90’s people have been flocking to Perugia’s annual festival of chocolate goodies: Eurochocolate. If you have a sweet tooth, book your travel plans immediately because, without a doubt, this is a dessert lover’s paradise.

Amidst Perugia’s stone paved streets lie dozens of carts and small shops selling their mouth-watering wares. The quiet has disappeared from the streets as songs adoring chocolate blast from street-side speakers and the hum of happy tourists gets louder and louder with each delicious bite. Think of a flavor, any sweet or savory memory of deliciousness and you will find it at Eurochocolate.

Enjoy the regular vanilla and chocolate but also feast your eyes (and your taste-buds) on hazelnut, mint, cherry, orange, caramel, coconut, and many more and with the support of ICCO (International Cocoa Organization) and Fairtrade.


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