Tip of the Month

Each month we highlight a place of interest around the globe that we consider as unique as Borgo di Vagli. The tips are selected as they either show respect for the environment, nature, and architectural beauty or are deeply indigenous to their individual origin.

Last month, you may remember, the TOTM was centered on a very unusual dish from Sardinia and that was the excuse to introduce you to a wonderful, although pretty much unknown, area of the island of Sardinia.

We have received so many compliments from our Owners for that tip that made us become even more audacious…

This month, we stumbled on a trip contained in an article in the “Departure” magazine, which made us very curious, to the point of wishing to share it with you and again, please, let us know whether you have ever heard of this very hidden jewel and this beautiful part of the world.

We want to introduce you to Virgin White tea, known as ‘The brew fit for an Emperor’! The place for it is a Private Park in the South of Sri Lanka close to Mirissa: Handunugoda Tea Estate click here to watch a presentation of the plantation.

On the Estate, the owners and their team escort you around and introduce you to the secrets of this incredible gem and the antique procedures to collect the leaves from the bushes and turn it into one of the most exclusive teas in the world.

Not far from the plantation, in Mirissa you may enjoy the peace and quiet and Oriental atmosphere of a very true to the roots Resort: the Mirissa Hills Cinnamon Estate surrounded by hectares of cinnamon trees, here you can stop and just relax and reconnect with the exuberant nature all around you.

But South Sri Lanka can be even wilder than this. Perhaps, very few of you may know that in their parks you may find the highest concentration of leopards on Earth. Yala National Park is the most famous of the parks and has some important signs of lost civilization. 2.000 years ago, in fact, this area was the Monastic settlement of Sithulpawwa, an important pilgrim site, which housed 12.000 inhabitants seeking solace. Many of the temples of that time are still scattered in the jungle, adding a mysterious feeling to your jump into wildlife.

Rodrigo, an ex-pilot has devoted close to 35 years in the world’s highest concentration of wild leopards and owns two campsites inside the park. He and his team will accompany you on the most exciting and breathtaking safaris. Click here for detials.



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