Meet Your Owner

Mr Morten Muggerud & Ms Mai-Lill Ibsen, Oslo Norway

Over the years we have travelled broadly, and found our favourite “spots” around the world. Places where scenery, people and atmosphere give you that good feeling. So Italy has been one of our favourites, from skiing in the Italian Alps to island-jumping in the Aeolian islands to wine tours in Piemonte and Toscana. The last five years or so we had been looking at finding a home away from home in Italy.

Last summer we had dinner with our summerhouse neighbours in Sandefjord, and they introduced us to Borgo di Vagli. We had then recently had a trip to Piemonte to look at “old stone”, and were planning a new trip to Toscana in the fall. And clearly Borgo should be on our itinerary!

Our arrival at Borgo will not be forgotten – at night, in torrential rain, up and down the steepest, winding road we had ever driven, with a rental car that “told” us that it needed immediate attention from a mechanic! The joy of experiencing that this road led to a warm and cosy trattoria where we were welcomed with open arms (and a glass of Prosecco) by Lee and the team was just fantastic.

Initially Borgo di Vagli did not meet all our criteria’s as Home away from Home (it was a long list) – but it was just so unique that we couldn’t say no. The restoration work done by Fulvio was amazing, the setting was spectacular, Dina’s food excellent – in addition we met so many friendly people. It is almost like an extended family!

Borgo di Vagli will be our base to explore the nearby regions more closely, to learn more about history and culture, to taste more local cuisine and wines – and to get away from the world (and work!) to relax. We consider Borgo part of our lifestyle, and are looking forward to introducing this spectacular place to friends and family (there is already a long “waiting list”). Our two sons (Andreas 24 and Thomas 21) have not had a chance to visit yet, but our nephew Jørgen and his fiancé enjoyed Borgo this summer. Hopefully all four of us will be able to visit next year.

We still work very much, so we may have to rely on long weekends for some of these trips, but in some years we will have more time on our hands, and then Borgo will see us more often.


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