Tip of the Month

Each month we highlight a place of interest around the globe that we consider as unique as Borgo di Vagli. The tips are selected as they either show respect for the environment, nature, and architectural beauty or are deeply indigenous to their individual origin and this month we encapsulate all of these components.

But this month we thought to give you a specific Tuscan top tip, although I am sure you are now familiar with it: why not come to Borgo di Vagli and where possible more often? Similar to good vintage wines from the region, Borgo di Vagli gets better as it matures with age. We were reminded of this when pilot Stian Ellefsen, the son in-law of one of our Norwegian owners, surprised us when he brought his 6-propeller drone from Oslo last month and captured this stunning footage above the Hamlet.

We had never seen Vagli from this vantage point and yes, it’s unbelievably beautiful! Marvel at the nature, beauty and peaceful location with its uninterrupted panoramic views and marvel at the organic nature of the restoration architecture…

Full credit goes to the “flying” skills of Stian Ellefsen.
BRAVO and thank you, once more, from all the Vagli family.


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