Meet Your Owner

Mr Mark Elston and Ms Alexandra Garcia, San Diego, USA

We happened to find out about Borgo di Vagli quite by accident. While planning a trip to Europe in the fall of 2010 an Internet search turned up the hamlet and it peaked our curiosity. It was a very intriguing project and the location, as virtually everyone would say, captured our imaginations to spend time in such a wonderful place. We were already planning to spend time in Tuscany as we came down from Venezia and to end in Roma. So we scheduled a few days to visit the hamlet on our way. We hadn’t really thought about buying a vacation property anywhere really, even before our first visit. But once here, we were captured by the magic of the place: the beautiful landscape, the serenity, the diversity of guests and last but certainly not least, Dina’s cooking, made us realize this is a place we would like to return many times. Plus the great location allows you to explore many nearby locales and even re-explore those places that you have already been.

We knew having ownership in the hamlet was going to be a great investment; Tuscany it is one of the most desired locations, and that combined with the beauty of Borgo di Vagli made it almost perfect. However we knew we would face challenges because of the time it takes to travel to get here - being on the west coast of the US mainland, we can’t easily drop-in for a weekend. Also, we both work and don’t have unlimited vacation time that we can take. After considering this we decided it still worth it if we can visit at least once per year, and spend at least 2 weeks on a visit. The Registry Collection also allows us some domestic destinations from time-to-time when we can’t make it to the hamlet. This really made it more effective for us and we’ve enjoyed the flexibility it allows us.

Unlike timeshare, which is typically considered not to be a good investment, we think Fractional Ownership at Vagli at the flexibility it offers tangible value. And with the volatility of the stock markets in recent years it may be a more stable haven at least. For us it’s really more of a lifestyle investment that gives us many options, and if in the end it appreciates, then that’s a bonus. We have visited twice in a couple of years but we try to visit the hamlet at least once per year. We’ve made it here in most every season allowing us to experience the beauty of Tuscany in different ways. Driving, hiking and even renting a bicycle has allowed some exploration of the local hills and roads that we would have not normally seen.


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