Purchasing Fractional Ownership at Borgo di Vagli means owning a home without the hassles and responsibilities typically associated with buying abroad. Our Fractional Ownership plan is bringing the dream of authentic Tuscan country living to life.
Owners receive a 1/10th or a 1/15th or a 1/20th undivided interest in their chosen residence category size (one or two bedroom residence) which also incorporates a right over the corresponding common areas, title to which is held by an independent International Trustee Company, for the benefit of the owners. Purchasing at Borgo di Vagli is an investment for life: from both a lifestyle and financial perspective. Ownership at the Hamlet is a wonderful way to establish a family legacy in this beautiful region and enjoy the benefits of the historically buoyant, rural Tuscan real estate market.

Borgo di Vagli offers advantages, amenities and hospitality services that whole ownership simply cannot deliver, making ownership at Borgo di Vagli a unique and very appealing opportunity. Many of our owners have limited vacation time, so making the investment required for a year-round vacation home simply doesn’t make financial sense. Instead, owners can enjoy the entire Tuscan vacation experience for a fraction of the initial investment and ongoing costs of whole ownership and free themselves from the unrecoverable expense of repeated vacation rentals.

For specific details on every aspect of fractional ownership at Borgo di Vagli, please see Register Your Interest or contact us.