Sint-Niklaas, Belgium

Dirk Michiels and Ria Van Geystelen,

There is something in the Italian culture that makes it extremely attractive. Italy is considered a birthplace of the Western civilization. It is a cultural superpower.The south of Europe has been a resting places for us for years. We stayed in the Gers, Provence,.. and Tuscany to wind down of our daily hectic professional lives. We kept on dreaming of our own home in the south, away from Belgium and the cold north of Europe.We could though not decide. The Gers is peaceful, foie gras, Armagnac… The Provence with its lavender sent, great food, unbelievable light… and yes Italy, great food, culture, nature…It has been a dilemma for us, an impossible choice to have a home in the south. Each of the opportunities had advantages and disadvantages. We had been following Borgo Di Vagli since the beginning. When we first arrived, we immediately felt at home.Borgo di Vagli is a magical place high up in the hills near Cortona. When you arrive in Vagli, over a long Strada Bianco through the forest, passing by Pierle Castle with its rich history, you have a feeling of arriving home.Fulvio Di Rosa has spent the last 30 years bringing back to life the most authentic rural farmhouses and abandoned hamlets in Tuscany. Fulvio has made Vagli into a place with character, taste whilst maintaining the old glory. Although the hamlet has kept it old glory, present in the walls, roof and interior design, there are appliances such as high pressure showers, flat screen TV’s and high speed Internet and central heating.This makes Borgo di Vagli and excellent retreat, in the middle of nature and with mind blowing cities like Florence, Siena, Rome, Pisa, Lucca very nearby for a day trip.Not only the surroundings, the nature, the views and the hamlet’s building are astonishing, there is also an excellent, friendly onsite team (Stefania, Daria, Dina, Lee,…), they all feel part of the family, that help you make the most of your time in Italy without hassle and worries often related to a second home. This makes it easy to integrate Vagli in our professional lives.The Hamlet also boasts a Trattoria with an excellent cook! Never forget the Monday night, which is Pizza night, “the must go to” for all owners of the hamlet and a great place to make new international friends.We very much like our hideout in the Tuscan/Umbria border and highly recommend it to all who search for and love peace, nature, culture, food, wine… Italy.

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