Groeningekaai, Belgium

Danny and Karien Dewaele,

We first heard about Borgo di Vagli in an article in “De Standaard”, one of the leading Belgian newspapers towards the end 2011. What immediately struck us was the originality and the authenticity of the concept. We do not like the classical tourist traps with lots of people, we do not want to feel like a tourist when we travel. Of course, we visited the website, which confirmed our first feeling. Which is also logical is that there were still some doubts about the system of co-ownership. I made contact and requested some additional information, which was sent quickly and highlighted the clear differences between the Fractional Ownership and the Timesharing concept.We kept the idea in mind as we had already planned the following summer vacation, and honestly speaking, we thought more about buying an apartment at our Belgian coast. Nevertheless, as Italy lovers and travellers since a long time, we wanted to experience Borgo di Vagli and booked a discovery visit for the end of October 2012. At that moment, we were convinced by the location, and without being too pushy, (which would not have been appreciated by us) Lee convinced us about the reservation privileges. Also the management and staff were very friendly and charming. This gave us a warm familiar feeling. We decided during the discovery visit to join.The main reasons to purchase was that we had already fallen in love with Italy quite some years ago. I think our first visit to Tuscany was in 1994. We came back several times in Tuscany, and later on we discovered quite some other regions. Tuscany itself can be too busy and touristic to us, but this is certainly not the case at BDV, on the contrary.Important facts we took into consideration were:– Authenticity of the restoration of the Hamlet– Luxury living (on-site trattoria with Dina’s home-cooked dishes, high quality furnishings, Busatti linen, high speed wifi, large outdoor heated swimming pool, …) in an original and authentic setting– Easily accessible to reach by air (airport of Perugia). Normally we would come by car, but for short visits of one week we can also easily fly from Charelroi in Belgium.– No hassle ownership – maintenance and cleaning.– Flexibility of the reservation privileges (i.e. we can book two residences for the same week(s), which we did this summer with our children and their friends).We consider our purchase more of a lifestyle investment above a financial investment and intend to return as often as possible and will also enjoy the Hamlet as a “satellite hub” to visit other regions in Italy.

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