Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Ana and Antonio Carneiro,

Arriving in Vagli is similar to returning to the womb, nothing more protected, cosy, relaxing, a flash back to your origin. The walls of “Our Home in Tuscany” tell us stories, the windows free our imagination, each niche of the house whisper’s the most unbelievable fairytales. The stones, the iron, the ceilings, the roofs, everything here is a witness of bygone era; it is a rescue of a medieval poem, slightly emphasized by touches of modern art in design. Being in Vagli is an opportunity of breathing fully , recuperating energies, making positive future plans. Living with no hurry, in other words… to dream consciously. Leaving Vagli with cleansed (and ironed!) soul, with the expectation to return, with God’s grace, next year!

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