Taby, Sweden

Hakan and Helena Lombrink,

Tuscany has been a favourite spot ever since we visited the Chianti area some years ago. When planning a trip to Tuscany last summer we stumbled across Borgo di Vagli on the internet. We were amazed by the photos and decided to go for a discovery visit. The primary goal was not to find a second home in Tuscany but rather to find a special location for our holiday.Once there we felt that Borgo was really one of a kind. We have been to several nice places in Italy before but this was really something special. We found Borgo di Vagli to be an irresistible mix of Tuscan medieval history, culture and traditional living combined with all the modern comforts we are used to in our everyday lives.After spending a fantastic week we left Borgo di Vagli with some melancholy, not knowing if we would return. Within the family, including our two children, we had mixed feelings about buying in and we had lengthy discussions about pros and cons. On the upside was the obvious, Borgo di Vagli is a fantastic place, on the downside was the uncertainty whether we would feel obliged to spend all our vacations there since we had made an investment. After all, there are many nice places in the world worth visiting. Finally, at the end of the year, we decided to become owners. Important factors for the decision were the flexible reservation privileges and the location of the hamlet – you will always find things to do and discover in the area. Furthermore, we felt that investing in Borgo di Vagli does not actually oblige us to spend all our vacations there; it´s really up to us and what we feel like doing. At the moment, we see ourselves returning to Borgo di Vagli a couple of times every year during various seasons.In the beginning of May this year, we returned to Borgo as owners for the first time. It was a bit nervous. What would it feel like? What if we felt different about it this time? When we came to the hamlet there was no doubt – we had made the right decision!For us, Borgo di Vagli is a lifestyle investment rather than a financial one. However, taking into account the uniqueness of Borgo di Vagli and the popularity of the Tuscan region we are not worried about our investment. The concept of owning was not obvious to us. In fact, we have more than once said that we would not invest in a summerhouse due to all the work and costs associated with it. When we learned more about fractional ownership we felt that it was the best of both worlds, having a special place you can return to and call your own (yes, we really feel that way about Borgo di Vagli) without the worries and the hassle related to owning a summerhouse of your own.So, to sum up, we are very happy to be part of Borgo di Vagli and we are looking forward to meeting you all in our common Tuscan home!

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