London, England, United Kingdom

Andrew Rogerson, Brenda Brady and Emse Rogerson,

In the summer of 2007, on one of those very soggy London days, we came across an article on Borgo di Vagli in The Hill magazine. It immediately grabbed our attention. We knew Tuscany from a previous visit, and found it the perfect antidote to city life. However, fractional ownership was a completely new one to us. Having quickly asked a few questions via email, incorporating an inspection visit into our summer holiday seemed the perfect excuse to get back to Italy.Feeling quite proud to have found Borgo first time, as we turned into the ‘avenue’ from Pierle, Andy asserted that ‘just so you know, we are definitely not buying anything right now!’ Driving and distracted by the challenging path, I shrugged. Although I secretly harboured a dream that we might have access to such a place (and that was just from photos!), I didn’t have the will to persuade anyone, let alone Andy, to buy into it. We drove on, climbing to our three night escape in the Tuscan mountainside for a browse.Parked at reception, we were immediately taken with the setting and the aura of Borgo, as well as the warm, collected welcome and the charming buildings. Enchanted! By the time Andy made his way back from the car park, he wanted to bring forward our meeting with Lee to find out all the details! We became owners three months later.Our decision was heavily emotive and we approached it by coming up with reasons not to buy, but for us the boxes were ticked. It is a truly special place, an affordable holiday investment, limited time and investment in maintenance / administration, endless exploration opportunities in Tuscany and Italy from such a central location. It also has decent travel options, with four close airports and train access.We wondered when buying how planning holidays so far in advance and returning to the same location would work out. To date the ebbing and flowing of our arrival as weary travellers and leaving rejuvenated from our visits just seems to improve. Within our first year, we explored all of the suggested walks, time we used to chat through and plan out our lives, a little at least, (but not on the Mt Ginezzo ascent that is!).We became parents with the birth of our baby girl, Esme in 2010, and this begged many more questions about whether the Borgo could remain such a central holiday destination for us. But three years later Esme talks about our previous holiday warmly and regularly and wearily awaits our next visit. As do we!It really is fun to mingle with the international members and guests who have found their way to the Borgo too. Somehow the random nature of the mix encounters adds to the charm. But one of the central factors to the enjoyment is the staff team! No matter what comes at them, the staff manage to hit the right notes of hospitality and helpfulness (and I am not going to mention how well the 24 hour late arrival for a birthday dinner was handled!)Six years on, we are just as enchanted by Borgo di Vagli as on our first visit, if not, perhaps, a little more. We are now beginning to recognise that maybe you grow into ownership at Borgo di Vagli and that the charm runs deeper with it. Ask us in another six years!

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