Surrey, England, United Kingdom

Tim, Valerie and Victoria Sharp

“Before I got here my parents tried to describe Vagli to me but it is indescribable. And, no matter how hard one tries, you just don’t appreciate it until you get here.How many places can you go where you can look 360 degrees and see nothing but a magnificent view? Where can you go these days to truly calm down and relax? We came here thinking we would use it as a base for day trips, but became so wonderfully relaxed we haven’t gone anywhere. The Trattoria is a delight and the traditional Monday pizza night is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced!Fulvio’s passion for meticulous and true-to-history restoration never ceases to amaze us. But perhaps it is the sense of family that he has created that is most appreciated. Everyone is so friendly, it’s as though you are coming home to a family estate. My parents own it in perpetuity, so our family will enjoy it for generations. It has become so much more than a holiday – it has become a part of the fabric of our family’s life.”

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