Toronto, Canada

Brian and Betty Simmons

THE ITALIAN JOB. By Brian and Betty1. In May of 2015 we attended a conference in Prato and were mesmerised by the food (surprisingly Gluten free), wine, history and culture… and then there were the croissants with Nutella. Upon returning to Canada I researched properties for our next holiday in Medici country. Every website I visited, this “thing” called Borgo Di Vagli popped up (good job Lee). Eventually I opened up the website and fell in love (sorry Betty).2. We had a short list of possible properties -Buckingham Palace, The Taj Mahal, a 2 bedroom tent on Mt. Everest, but I guess the spectacular views, history, culture and friendliness won our hearts and Borgo was the winner (not to mention the really good wine, Dina’s famous Pizza and of course Lee’s winning smile!!!)3. The discovery week was essential. Great weather, great views, the incredible helpfulness (nothing is too much trouble) attitude from the staff. Of course then we met Lee… but we still liked the place!! Betty even tried the pool at balmy November arctic temperatures (we are from Canada after all). We both felt that we were home. From Yoga on the pool deck, hiking the trails, visiting the neighbouring towns and cities, to relaxing in and around the hamlet, it was a unique experience. There is a glow and warmth at Borgo that comes from 700 years of history, with the peace and spirit of all that had passed thru the hamlet still present today. (Lee also bought the drinks… lots of them)4. I was looking for an idea to honour my parents who both past away in the last few years. Owning a property that they would have liked using the monies they left me and to know I can share this with Betty and friends would be their legacy to me. I know that this would make them smile and that I have made a good lifestyle choice. I think they would have even liked Lee (someone has too).5. The 4 weeks + is more than we could hope for and we intend to come as often as possible. We will be at the Perugia Jazz festival in July with our off days spent at Borgo, and then the sky’s the limit! I get a tingle all over (not now Betty) thinking of the friends I can introduce to the Hamlet.Last but not least there is Lee. It is rare (all above joking aside) that you meet someone and instantly can call him a friend (even if he does support Fiorentina). His warmth and generosity is unbelievable. He is a perfect fit for Borgo because he embodies the philosophy of the place. Lee is the piece of the puzzle that makes it all work together. Honest, straight forward, and above all patient – which I’m sure is why over 90 owners trust him from all over the world. He compliments the team and they are BORGO.Thanks Mate.B&B

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