Oakham, England, United Kingdom

Hannah Makings-Hone and her mother Shelia Makings,

For a number of years, Dad and I had been trying to convince Mum that it would be a great idea to have a family holiday home abroad to enable us to establish a discipline of taking holidays and enjoying quality time together, whilst embracing the culture of a different country and benefiting from a warmer summer climate. Mum struggled to see this as anything other than increased responsibilities and an unacceptable burden of ownership! We work together in our 2 family businesses and as our working lives are incredibly busy, sadly this means our holidays are limited each year. As time passed, we believed we had been rightly convinced against the idea by Mum.One day, Dad returned from one of his many business trips to the Middle East with a magazine article in hand all about Borgo. This opened our eyes to the idea of ‘Fractional Ownership’. Mum and Dad wasted no time in arranging an ‘Inspection Visit’ where they were bowled over by the unique charm of this amazingly restored 14th Century Hamlet. Their discovery prompted an immediate family meeting and what they described with such heartfelt emotion, left little doubt in all our minds that Borgo was ideal for us! Mum and I became owners at Borgo in 2007. We now have the benefit of a beautiful holiday home in the Tuscan Hills with none of the anxiety and ties of sole-ownership.I have 2 Daughters, Emma (11) and Sophie (8) and they along with my Husband, Michael, myself and my Parents have all fallen in love with our ‘Tuscan Home’ and thrive on our snippets of ‘Tuscan Life’ each time we are there. We have taken the majority of our annual holidays at Borgo and are in constant awe of the beauty, peace and tranquility the location which allows us, for the duration of our stay, to leave behind the pressures of our busy working lives and enjoy each other’s company as a family.

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