Alberta, Canada

Ed and Bryn Pinchin

My husband and I have long been convinced of the advantages of fractional ownership as eight years ago we purchased a unit in Tuckers Point Golf Villas in Bermuda. Fractional Ownership in well run facilities combine adventure and a sense of belonging without the often onerous responsibilities of maintenance. They are an ideal vehicle for those of us lucky enough to be retired and healthy and who have the flexibility to travel. The greeting, “welcome back”, or “welcome home”, never fails to bring a smile of contentment and a sense of belonging upon arrival.Our association with Tuckers Point has another advantage in the exchange program, The Elite Alliance, with which it (and Borgo) is associated. It was through the Elite Alliance that we first came to Borgo di Vagli in the fall of 2014. We arrived with friends in the middle of a cloudy and rather grey afternoon to be greeted warmly by Stephania. We enjoyed a lunch of bread, cheese and salami with a bottle of wine under the pergola and marvelled at the view of the castle. We hiked up the hill for a few hours and returned to our cozy and delightful apartments. Then, unfortunately we received a call informing us that my husband’s father was gravely ill. After only an afternoon, we had to rush away. We were grateful for the sympathy and help that Daria and Stephania provided especially since our sudden departure meant that our friends were left on their own. In the end, despite a week of rain and wind, they stayed content and cozy and were delighted with Borgo.Again, through an Elite Alliance exchange we were able to return with the same friends last November and this time spend the entire week exploring Tuscany, which we didn’t know at all, while savouring the charm and unique delights of Borgo. We are based in the south of France for most of the fall and spring so we have the advantage that its pleasures are only a long day’s drive away. By the end of the week, both my husband and I, as well as our friends, had decided to purchase a unit. Did we make a financial or a life style choice in that quick week? Both I think. Having spent our first week here as owners this April, tucked in the sunshine behind the chestnut drying house, watching the spring green maturing the length of the valley to the castle, enjoying the slow progress of the wisteria blossoms over the pergolas, savouring the varied, international conversations in the evenings in the Trattoria, and the exuberant fun of pizza night, exploring the countryside in a few interesting day trips, falling in love with Cortona, we know that being part of Borgo will enrich our lives. However, at the same time we are confident that our investment is conscientiously monitored for the future. We are particularly pleased to have been able to include our adult daughters as owners in our contract. As well, because of the flexibility of the short notice provisions, efficiently and gracefully administered by Stephania, we have already been able to offer a week in Borgo to Canadian friends travelling in Europe. They were delighted by their experience.Our first week has been peaceful and beautiful. It is the first of two we will spend here each year, fall and spring, We have felt no great desire to spend hours driving and exploring but I am sure that will come. Rather we have read and planned. I am a weaver and next time will bring a small loom to work with. My husband is a sculptor and carried with him a large piece of alabaster to work on during the week. The first step in any new piece is to spend hours considering the stone from all angles, trying to discern what waits inside to be revealed with his chisels. This step can’t be rushed. The process is rather like our commitment to this wonderful, unique place. There is no rush. It will reveal its riches in its own time.

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