New Hampshire, USA

Bruce Melton,

Back in May of 2011, I was looking at potentially purchasing a piece of land in either Tuscany or Umbria with the intention of restoring the existing structure on the property. I was fortunate in having a good friend, a US Architect, who had successfully done this in Montone. After spending 2 weeks looking at various opportunities I came to the realization that maybe this undertaking was more complicated than I wanted to be involved in. On my friend’s advice, I switched my search to a number of fractional properties, which had much simpler owner involvement. After visiting Borgo di Vagli, I had a meeting with Lee and we made the deal on a “handshake”. Borgo, for me, was the clear choice because of the perfect restoration done by Fulvio, and the air of exclusivity which was evident by the location. Since 2011 I have visited many times with family and friends – always a good experience, as well as meeting other owners and making new friends. One thing I enjoy when I am there is talking with potential owners on their Discovery Visits, answering their questions and sharing the great things to see and do within one hour drive.

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