Mission Viejo, CA, USA

Joe and Kathleen Celentano,

We first heard about the Hamlet from our good friends and existing owners at Vagli, Rich and Ginny Linting. They talked so enthusiastically about the Hamlet that we simply had to check it out for ourselves. We arranged accommodation and enjoyed our stage and as we were driving away on the last day, we thought we would never come back. But as time went by we kept thinking of our time at the Hamlet more and more. I emailed Lee of our interest and he answered our questions and we bought in, and we are glad we did.We love all the great taste of Tuscany, the olives, olive oil, cheese and meats and the great wines. We really like exploring the many different restaurants and markets to find great food. Not to mention Dina’s great meals!We usually plan a different vacation each year, rarely returning to the same place twice and our purchase at the Hamlet was made easier with the ability to exchange our weeks with the Elite Alliance. Our children have already kiddingly asked us who gets the ownership of Borgo when Kathy and I pass (hopefully no time to soon). We hope to return at least every year and are trying different months during the year to find which time we like best. We are looking forward to our vacation this year and we hope to bring some friends.

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