Mamaroneck, NY, USA

Stuart Schwartzreich,

We first discovered Vagli via the Internet. I had just made my first trip to Tuscany and had a real attraction to the area for a number of reasons. So, we starting doing some research on how I could take advantage of what Tuscany has to offer on a more regular basis. We consider Tuscany/Borgo as our second home! There is a definitive allure to this very special region of Italy. We have traveled a lot around the world, but Tuscany had that special “something” and we wanted to take a long term approach to this part of the world so I started looking at all of the options with regard to procuring a place in Tuscany. Fractional ownership made the most sense on both a short term and long term. We consider buying at Borgo as a lifestyle investment, a great way to fully experience Tuscany vs our current lifestyle in the U.S. and of course, it is a financial investment: that was an important consideration, but of secondary importance. Our plans are to return each and every year. We want to further experience the whole regain on a number of levels: The food, the wine, the culture, the scenery/architecture, and so much more. We consider Tuscany/Borgo as our second home!

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