Massachusetts, USA

Colin Higgins and Carolyn Hoffman,

Colin and I are in the travel industry so traveling is a big part of our lives. We have traveled extensively and have been privileged to see and experience many unique and wonderful destinations but none hold that special place in our hearts that Italy does. We have always been drawn there for vacations but when we received an invitation to experience and own a piece of a 14th century hamlet we were intrigued. Was it near a landfill or in the middle of coal mines? Only a visit would answer our many questions. We told everyone that we were having dinner at one of our favorite restaurants (no lie) in the world. We arrived for the weekend and proceeded to Borgo di Vagli! The first thing that took our breaths away was the 2 KM drive from Pierle. After arriving, and starting the first of many memorable meals at the Trattoria cooked by Dina, we were hooked. We couldn’t believe our luck at discovering this idyllic little spot with everything it has to offer and 24 hours later we were signing on the dotted line!For us it is a chance to return over and over, as often as we can, to our magical part of Tuscany! A treat for the senses, and as our friends who have visited with us and unaccompanied, say “La Dolce Vita”!

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