Laguna Beach, CA, USA

Rich and Ginny Linting,

We recently returned from a three week “memory of a lifetime” trip to Borgo di Vagli with daughter Julie, son-in-law Jeff and their identical four year old twins. Everyone had a wonderful time made possible by Borgo di Vagli’s customer first staff whom we have come to personally know over the years.It all started in 2006 when we received a promotional brochure in the mail. Like most people, we usually immediately toss those in the trash. However, Rich was traveling and Ginny took a look since we loved Italy and had traveled extensively there. It perked Ginny’s interest and she did a little research. When Rich returned from his trip, Ginny described the property and her interest. Rich was quite lukewarm since they had decided several years before to downsize and have a simpler life not having to care for multiple properties. Ginny convinced Rich to further evaluate Borgo di Vagli. We contacted Borgo di Vagli and received further information including the Architectural Digest article and a video of the property. Although we had been in Tuscany multiple times, we had never been to Cortona. As we continued to discuss this over the next few weeks, we came to the following conclusions: 1) we loved Italy, especially Tuscany; 2) this would be a great place for us to regularly visit; 3) fractional ownership in the two bedroom residences was a relatively inexpensive lifestyle investment; 4) the hamlet and residences were fully furnished and maintained by Borgo di Vagli; the Architectural Digest article, video and current owner testimonials were convincing. That was it, we bought it without actually going there!! Never did that before??That was the start of our long “love affair” with Borgo di Vagli. On our first visit, we arrived from Rome in the dark so the last few kilometers were a bit challenging. The morning sunrise brought us a beautiful day. The accommodations and walking tour of the grounds immediately convinced us that we had made the right decision. As the next two weeks unfolded we fell in love with Cortona and realized what a wonderful location this was to explore the many historical, cultural and agrarian treasures of Italy. Exploring daily and then returning to our ever so peaceful and relaxing Borgo di Vagli in a beautiful natural setting was perfect.As the years have rolled by, we have personally been to Borgo di Vagli at least once or twice a year. In addition we have been able to share it with family and friends who rave about it. Just last fall, Ginny took her three sisters there for a fantastic reunion. The staff makes every visit so enjoyable: from Dina’s kitchen, to language translation, to recommendations, to directions, to just great company.It is truly a family affair for us. Rich and Ginny look forward to seeing you there!!

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